Welcome to Science with Higgins

My name is Justin Higgins, and this is my website.

I host this site for lots of reasons. Mainly, I really enjoy developing curriculum. I think the structures I am developing engage my students regardless of their educational background. The courses I teach have little or no pre-requisites. The methodologies I am currently using (teachery words) allow all students an opportunity to succeed.

Every student deserves to have their ideas seen and heard. That is why creativity and collaboration are so important! I'm currently transitioning to something (teachery words incoming!) beyond a 'flipped' classroom, incorporating some forms of a 'layered' environment, and 'blending' it together with collaborative learning in a 'Lab Role' environment.

I enjoy what I'm doing. I hope you like my material.

I have a lot of links to things, make sure that you credit their makers!